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Urban Decay is looking “Pretty Different”

As a cruelty-free brand, Urban Decay launched the first-ever vegan breathable foundation under its ‘Stay Naked’ line.

The expansion of the successful range (which first began with a palette in 2012) now includes a wearable foundation.

With its range of 50 shades, it promises to cover all possible skin tones. This expansion is well in line with the heart of Urban Decay’s brand philosophy: to cherish individuality through makeup.

In conjunction with the launch, Urban Decay introduced the ‘Pretty Different’ campaign, which invited a range of international influencers to be the faces of the brand.

These included stars from the screen like Ezra Miller and Joey King, also featuring singers Lizzo, Karol G, and CL. The variation in the selected spokespeople represented the intention to target a wider diversity of consumers, differentiating them from conventional beauty brands, which usually cater to a specific, homogenous group category of customers. 

Closer to home, there was a local collaboration between Singaporean influencer Dee Kosh and Putramakeupon, #teamudxdeetra, to promote the foundation.

What was refreshing was the choice of using male influencers for the campaign, rather than typical female beauty bloggers or YouTubers.

The duo filmed a review on the foundation, praising its natural tint, and invited another YouTube comedian, Munah Bagharib, to take on the challenge as well.


This selection was also unique, as Munah herself confessed that she did not usually film makeup tutorials. All three encouraged their followers to take a trip down to Sephora, where they could get ‘Stay Naked’ merchandise with a minimum spending of $50


This move by Urban Decay was nothing unexpected from the brand, having a long history of promoting the imaginative and comfortable usage of makeup. 

As seen from previous social media moves like posting “real skin” images on its Instagram, this latest release also reinforced the message that beauty arrives in all shapes and sizes. 

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