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Top Indonesia Instagram Influencers to follow

Instagram has been named “King of Social” and it certainly proves itself in Indonesia. 

Indonesia is the fourth largest Instagram audience in the entire world at 60 million users, making it Southeast Asia’s largest market. According to the Facebook Indonesia country director, Indonesian Instagram users produce twice as many Instagram stories as the global average.

As a brand looking to break into the Indonesian market, it is clearly pivotal to have an effective Instagram marketing strategy. Working with Indonesia’s top Instagram influencers could be a way to raise brand awareness. 

Here is a list of top 10 Indonesia Instagram influencers to follow




Abel Cantika first rose to fame with her beauty channel on Youtube. Between makeup inspirations and the occasional OOTD (Outfit of the Day), Abel’s Instagram gives us an inside look into her life that being a beauty influencer does not change what is important to her, which is family. 


2. @anazsiantar 


Anatasia Santar is one of Indonesia’s first fashion bloggers, best known for mixing up masculine and feminine pieces. Her Instagram features her traveling all over the world, dressed immaculately and a pinch of dance videos. 


3. @ayladimitri


The previous fashion editor of Elle Magazine Indonesia, Ayla Dimitri has worked hard to prove herself as one of the top fashion influencers in Jakarta. She describes her style as a mix between sporty and feminine as she also loves working out. 

She often features local brands on her Instagram. Her most recent post with Jakarta fashion designer, Yefta Gunawan.


4. @Olivialazuardy


Known for her classy style, Oliver started her fashion blog in 2013 when there were few Indonesian fashion icons to look to. She worked her way up to now having her own brand, Calla Atelier. 


5. @rachgoddard 


Just shy of a million followers, top Indonesian beauty influencer Rachel shot to fame on youtube doing makeup tutorials. While she mostly posts her picture-perfect makeup looks, she is unafraid to be herself online, seen in her love for making parody videos.


6. @Nabilazirus 


Nabila’s eye for design definitely shows through her Instagram with a collection of whimsical themed curated photos. A fashion influencer for mainly hijabi fashion, she has amassed a following for styling the hijabi effortlessly. 




Started out as a travel blogger who won multiple awards for her travel writing, Trinity started writing her own novel series and eventually had them made into films. Her story of how she chose to pursue her passion instead of succumbing to societal pressures has inspired many others to do the same. 




Christina’s Instagram has been rated a Top Travel account by ForbesTravelGuide. Her feed showcases all the places she has been to, sparking wanderlust in her followers. She works with various travel companies and also lifestyle products that suit her traveling lifestyle.


9. @joviadhiguna


Jovi is different and he embraces it. Self identifies as queer, this beauty and fashion influencer uses his platform to share his makeup and style tips while pushing others to embrace themselves for being different. 


10. @cindercella 


Marcella stands out in the sea of beauty influencers as she really goes all out with her makeup looks. Not one to shy away from color, she creates dramatic themed looks, inspiring others to do the same. 


Do remember that top influencers do get many sponsorships offers so building rapport with them to form a meaningful relationship is always a good idea.  


Sources of images: Instagram of the different influencers mentioned above

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