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Top 20 Fashion Influencers in Singapore

Fashion is no longer purely influenced by top designers on the red carpet. The rise of the internet and social media has allowed for tastemakers to rise in their own right in the fashion scene.

Most influencers started off as fashion bloggers but with the rise of Instagram, many have moved over to this highly visual and user-friendly platform. 

These fashion influencers with their huge following play a definitive part in drawing attention to what would become trendy and popular, some even working with brands to form their own collections. 

Here are our top 20 fashion influencers in Singapore – the 8th Fashion Capital of the world



1. Andrea Chong

One of the most prominent influencers in Singapore’s fashion scene, her brand portfolio is very impressive. She has worked with Tory Burch, Gucci, Michael Kors, just to name a few and has her own collection with a handful of other brands. She is very good at partnership and creates amazing content for the brands that she works with such as 100Plus, G2000,  SMEG etc.



2. Siti Amira Asrori

She may be the youngest on this list but she has already secured styling gigs with both local and international brands like Disney and Pomelo. She recently launched her own label Camira Asrori that focuses on resort wear.



3. Dalilah Ismail

Dalilah proves that modest fashion can be equally beautiful and up to date with the latest fashion trends. She loves an exaggerated sleeve and has a knack for layering different colors and texture to make it work.



4. Daniel Boey

Known as the “Godfather of Singapore fashion”, Daniel Boey carved a name for himself decades ago in the fashion industry. He may not be a fashion designer but has an impeccable eye for it, working with designers, placing their collections on catwalks worldwide.



5. Grace

Grace’s above the eyebrow bangs coupled with her love for loud colors and patterns definitely makes her stand out. She is also a part of the popular Night Owl Cinematics team who makes local comedy skits on Youtube.



6. Iman Fandi

She is the daughter of local football star Fandi Ahmad. Iman is currently pursuing a career in modeling and has graced the cover of Female magazine Singapore and Nylon Singapore. Exposed to modeling and photoshoots by her mother at a young age, she is not afraid to constantly change up her style.



7. Mae Tan

Unapologetically herself, Mae’s fashion scene ranges from flowy dresses to edgy streetwear, all of which in either bright colours or unique textures. Daughter of Dave Tan who runs Richard Mille Asia, she is no stranger to good design and quality fabrics.



8. Melissa Koh

Melissa Koh started her blog back when she was 15 years old. She decided to pursue it full-time, carving a name for herself as one of the first few fashion influencers in Singapore. Known for her boho feminine style, she has worked with top brands like Bulgari and Bottega Veneta. But she is also working with lifestyle brands such as DBS or Swisse



9. Nellie Lim

Her passion for fashion made her quit her job at a marketing agency to join the influencer world. She now travels the world, dressed impeccably, endorsing big luxury brand names such as Bulgari and Gucci.



10. Nicole Wong

Nicole started off as a graphic designer and now works in style and marketing. Known for her signature bold hair and androgynous style, her looks are very editorial. She also owns her own creative agency named NPLUSC which has worked with brands such as Lululemon Singapore.



11. Olivia Eleazar

Olivia understands the appeal of monochromatic looks and simple lines in fashion. Having specialized in visual communications in school, her passion is in photography and styling. Last year, she collaborated with local brand aforarcade on a capsule collection. 


12. Rachel Lim

Founder of one of the most successful local female boutique, Love, Bonito, Rachel Lim carved out a career for her and her sisters about 15 years ago that started as a second-hand clothes blog. Her brand is now internationally sold and she was named one of Forbes 30 under 30. 


13. Rachel Wong

Rachel started out as a blogger documenting her life and has since moved over to Instagram. Skipping out on the usual trends one usually sees in Singapore, she loves bolder colors and prints and pulls them off effortlessly.



14. Savina Chai

A go-getter, Savina took the plunge and started her own label at a tender age of 19. A firm believer that failures are just lessons learned, she continued to work hard to carve out a career for herself as a fashion influencer. She now works closely with luxury brands such as Chanel and Miu Miu.


15. Si Pei Goh

A reinsurance broker by day, her full -time job cannot be any more different than her side hustle as a fashion influencer. Her go-to signature look is a patterned dress and simple sandals.


16. Stanley Lui

Stanely fondness for unusual quirky fashion started in his late teens while watching America’s Next Top Model. One who loves bold prints and interesting shapes in his clothing, he now endorses mostly luxury brands such as Dior and Maison Givenchy.


17. Willabelle Ong

Willabelle started blogging to document her personal style. When she received an email from Material Girl (brand by Madonna and her daughter) to promote their clothes, her career catapulted. She takes style inspiration depending on where she travels.


18. Velda Tan

Previous co-founder of local brand Love Bonito, Velda now owns her own label – Collate the Label. Known for feminine clean silhouettes, she is often seen matching outfits with her daughter.


19. Viola Tan

One-third of the original Love, Bonito team, Viola prides herself on buying classic quality pieces that will last forever. She describes her style as sophisticated chic, with a touch of edgy glamour.


20. Yoyo Cao

Yoyo is one of Singapore’s most internationally recognized fashion influencers. Despite having no formal training in fashion design, she designed her own label – Exhibit in 2014. Her looks are the epitome of east meets west fashion.

It is important to choose an influencer who is known for your industry niche, however do make sure that their following demographics are your target audience. 

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