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Top 10 Youtube Channels in Singapore You Need to Subscribe To


The last decade has been revolutionary for YouTube as it grew from a video-sharing website to becoming everyone’s go-to platform for all things entertainment. So much that it is now considered to be the second-largest search engine in the world.

What this also did was give rise to a huge section of independent creators who took to the platform to share stories and have today become a brand of their own with a massive fan following.

As a brand wanting to appeal to the Singaporean market, it’s imperative to leverage this platform and the local creators, especially because 82% of internet users in Singapore access YouTube each month. 

So, here’s a look at the top 10 YouTube channels in Singapore you need to subscribe to. 

1. JianHao Tan

Subscribers: 3.8 million

With over 3 million subscribers, JianHao Tan’s YouTube channel is the most subscribed to in Singapore. 

This 26-year old started his journey with a Sony Handycam and seven years later, has grown to become one of the biggest social media sensations in the region. From vlogging about his life and travels to comedy sketches – every video of his rakes in over million views. 

JianHao is more than just a YouTuber – he has his influencer marketing company, Titan Digital Media and runs a charity organization called The JianHao Tan Foundation.

He has also collaborated with leading brands such as Microsoft, Singtel, DBS, Garnier, and Durex among others in the past. 

2. Wah! Banana

Subscribers: 1.8 million

Founded in 2012, Wah! Banana is all about posting relatable comedy sketches. 

Led by producer Lingyi Xiong and creative director Jason Hau, this comedy channel is a favorite among Singaporeans owing to their tongue-in-cheek humor. 

They also have another YouTube channel called Wah! Banana Too which is focussed on game shows.

3. Xiaxue

Subscribers: 241K

Cheng Yan Yan Wendy, popularly known as Xiaxue is a beauty vlogger and online TV personality. 

Her YouTube videos mostly constitute makeup tutorials, reviews, and her life as a new mom. Xiaxue recently announced the launch of her makeup brand, Plastic Cosmetics. 

4. Ryan Sylvia

Subscribers: 969K

Talented husband-wife duo, Ryan Tan and Sylvia Chan are behind this channel which is known for its comical sketches.

In 2013, they started a production company called Night Owl Cinematics and rose to fame when their video, ‘Shit Singaporean Girlfriends Say’ went viral. 

Today, they work with corporate organizations and government agencies to create offline activation and YouTube videos. Some of the brands they’ve worked with are Starhub, Health Promotion Board, Singapore Police Force, and the Media Development Authority Singapore.

The couple was also listed in Forbes’ ‘30 under 30 in Asia’ list under Media, Marketing & Advertising in 2016. 

5. Naomi Neo

Subscribers: 426K

Naomi Neo is a lifestyle YouTuber who posts about motherhood, her travel stories, beauty hacks, and DIYs. 

Her YouTube journey began in 2012 and since then, there was no looking back for her. She has appeared on magazine covers, collaborated with other content creators and worked with reputable brands such as Sunsilk, Benefit, and Superga. 

6. Dee Kosh

Subscribers: 356K

Dee Kosh is a Singaporean YouTuber and RJ, known for his sarcastic humor and outspoken nature. His videos range from comedy skits and vlogs to parodies.

However, Dee Kosh is not just about fun and games. He is often seen sharing his opinions on controversial topics.

7. Clicknetwork

Subscribers: 1.2 million

At a time when people were not even thinking about creating online videos, Gillian Tan launched Clicknetwork – Singapore’s leading “reality lifestyle” channel that talks about beauty, shopping, lifehacks, food, travel, trends, and more.

The channel also hosts a variety of mini-shows and web-series such as Girl Band Called Girl Band, Rozz Recommends, and Tried and Tested among others, all tailored for the Singaporean audience. 

8. Roseanne Tan

Subscribers: 104K

A professional and make-up artist, Roseanne Tang is one of Singapore’s most popular beauty vloggers. She posts product reviews, beauty hacks, make-up tutorials, beauty tips, skincare routines and everything in between.

She is passionate about sharing her knowledge in this domain, and also runs her very own makeup school, Bloom by Roseanne Tang.

Roseanne has worked with leading beauty brands such as Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay and Shiseido. 

9. Tree Potatoes

Subscribers: 390K

Tree Potatoes’ YouTube bio reads, “Join us as we explore all the quirkiness of life in Southeast Asia with new videos every week!” – and that’s exactly what they’re about. 

Founded in 2013 by Aaron Khoo, Elliot Lucas Marcell Tan, and Janice Chiang, Tree Potatoes produces web series, chat segments and slice of life videos. 

10. The Smart Local

Subscribers: 265K

The Smart Local started as just another lifestyle website and in a span of eight years has become one of the most influential online media publishers in Singapore. 

They call themselves “fun, fresh and cheeky” and host a wide range of fun shows on their YouTube channel such as Singaporeans Try, Hired or Fired, and TSL Plays that are widely loved by Singaporeans. 


Let’s face it – YouTube creators have the power to influence. As a brand, what’s important is identifying the right creator who can add value, create quality content and help you connect with your target audience effectively. 

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