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Top 10 Singaporean Health Instagramers

Health Instagramers are niche accounts that post fitness routines, clean eating and other tidbits of information inspiring followers of ways to take care of their health. 

Currently, a $100billion industry worldwide, whether you are looking to work with these influencers or take inspiration from them, here is a list of the Top 10 Singaporean Health Instagrammers to follow. 


1. Cheryl Tay

Cheryl is the current editor for RUN Singapore Magazine. A passionate advocate for fitness, she uses her blog and her platform to motivate others to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Having used to struggle with body image issues, she launched a “Rock the Naked Truth”, a body image movement to help others with their journey. 


2.Darren Slasher Lim

Owner of a personal training gym, D’Fitness, Darren grew to love and appreciate fitness when it helped him overcome his sickly childhood. He has won multiple awards in fitness competitions both nationally and internationally and shares short routines on his Instagram to motivate others.


3.Georgina Poh

Georgina started weightlifting to challenge herself. Now, a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor, she continues to inspire others to join her on this fitness journey by posting videos of her circuit training. Her Instagram is also filled with good food, a reminder that you can balance exercise and diet.



Hana is a yoga enthusiast and a mother of two children. Her yoga account is filled with impressive poses and sequences.

5. Jamie Teo

Jamie Teo is a familiar face as she used to be an actress and hostess. As a mother herself, her passion for fitness is the motivation for many women to get back into shape after childbirth. She loves getting her heart rate up with HIIT training and circuits.


6. Jasmine Danker

Jasmine’s journey started at 19 when she applied to be an intern at Fitness First. She has now been a personal trainer for almost 12 years. Not one to chase after a perfect body, she believes that women should not be expected to look only a certain way. 


7. Jaslyn Goh

Jaslyn found it hard to be vegan in Singapore and thus decided to start Singapore’s first vegan online mart – Souley Green, bringing in clean and green products from all over the world. Her Instagram is one to inspire healthy and clean eating



8. Natalie Yeo

Natalie was introduced to weightlifting by her now-husband and since then has been hooked on fitness. She posts HIIT and circuit training workout on her Instagram, motivating others to get up and get stronger. She is also a spokesperson for both Under Armour Singapore and My Protein Singapore, a sports supplement. 


9. Tiong Jia En

Coming from a humble background, Jia En has made a name for herself in the fitness world. She is a former Miss Singapore Universe runner up and now teaches spin at Absolute Cycle Singapore. She also runs her own bikini label Sorakini.


10.Tyen Rasif 

Tyen’s passion for fitness started in her teenage years when she found bodybuilding and weightlifting which helped her conquer depression. Other than doing personal training for her private clients, she started her Instagram and Youtube channel to provide free content to those who cannot afford personal training and a gym membership.


It is each influencers’ personal health journey that draws followers to connect and be inspired to make a change towards healthy living. Knowing their story would allow you as a marketer to decide on influencers that match your brand’s values. 


Sources of images: Instagram of the different influencers mentioned above

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