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Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Singapore

Marketing in the beauty industry has changed significantly since the rise of social media and influencers. With information readily available via the internet, consumers are starting to make more informed buying decisions than before, often turning to personal reviews and recommendations. 

Thus, endless advertisements to increase sales is no longer a viable marketing strategy. Instead, building brand awareness has become the main goal of many beauty brands – which is why influencer marketing is so powerful. 

Beauty influencers help bring a product to life, connecting the brand to their audience. The immense trust consumers have in the advice and recommendations of influencers makes it pertinent to incorporate influencer marketing into your marketing strategy. 


Although you might not be marketing for a beauty brand, taking the time to learn about the influencers can be useful as their followers might be your target audience. 

Here is a list of the top 10 beauty influencers in Singapore to follow. 


1. @Cheryl

Cheryl’s portfolio in the beauty industry is extensive, having been in it for more than a decade. 

While she is a full-time editor for several publications, her blog has won her the Beauty category in HerWorldPlus Social Media Awards in 2016, the Most Popular Beauty Blog for the Singapore Blog Awards 2015 and top 3 Best Beauty Blogs for the Singapore Blog Awards in 2014

Her reviews are detailed yet straight to the point, making it always a quick and easy read. 



2.@Celine Chiam

Girl-next-door, Celine Chiam holds a full-time job in finance and spends her free time sharing her passion for beauty products on her blog. She is very detailed in her reviews, taking very high-resolution pictures to capture the real effects of each product. 


3.@Hannah Chia

Hannah initially started her blog to share her passion for food but it has now turned into a platform to share everything from beauty to travel. She shares the latest beauty launches and reviews on beauty services at various establishments in Singapore.

4.@Larry Yeo

Larry Yeo started his career at beauty counters and worked his way up to becoming an award-winning makeup artist. Whether it is small tidbits of information on his Instagram, to full-scale beauty workshops, he has a passion for educating people about beauty and skincare. 

He has worked with top beauty brands such as Lancome, Mac and was the chief artist for various shows in Singapore Fashion Week.



5.@Leanne Ho

Leanne Ho uses her blog, loveforskincare and Instagram to share her tried and tested tips on makeup and skincare for the mature women, reminding everyone that age is just a number. 


6.@Jamie Tan

Jamie started out as a beauty blogger and has since switched over to Instagram stories and Youtube. She is now a full-fledged influencer, sharing her life, travel and often works with Korean and Japanese beauty brands such as Liese, Biofesta, and Minon. 



7. @Mongchin Yeoh

A popular lifestyle, beauty and travel influencer, Mongchin is known for her down-to-earth personality, making her very relatable. Having to deal with eczema for most of her life, she is open to sharing her struggle in finding the right products for her skin. 

She has worked with a plethora of beauty brands and is the face for brands like LancomeDFS, Fresh and iShopChangi at Changi Airport.



8. @Nicole Chang Min

Nicole started her blog sharing truthful reviews of products she was using, hoping to help other makeup junkies out. She, in turn, gained a following and has shifted over to Instagram and her Youtube channel to continue sharing her life and passion for the beauty industry. 



9.@Roanna Tan

Roanna gained her following in the beauty influencing world after starting her blog paradeoflove in 2012. 

She shares reviews on mostly high-end makeup and skincare brands, making it a point to educate her followers on the ingredients in these products. She is also very open to talking about her acne-prone skin and how she is dealing with it. 



10.@Sahur Saleim

Sahur shot to fame when she posted a video of her using henna ink as a contour. This award-winning makeup artist now shares her tips and tricks on makeup on her growing Youtube channel and Instagram


While numbers are important when it comes to choosing an influencer, it is also important to understand each influencer and ensure they are the right ambassador for your brand and what it stands for. 

So if you are a brand looking to work with a Singaporean Instagram influencer, do take the time to do your research to find the right match. 


Sources of images: Instagram of the different influencers mentioned above

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