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#Stay Home: Keeping People Informed, Safe, and Supported on Instagram

The world is on lockdown.

And naturally, those fortunate enough to stay home have gravitated towards social media more than usual. 

According to a survey done by Socialbakers, there is a huge overall decrease in CPM (Cost Per Mile). This suggests that Instagram users are spending more time on the app, increasing impressions which in turn have significantly lowered ad costs. 

With the surge of time spent on the app, Instagram has chosen to embrace its huge platform of 500 million active users daily, encouraging users to help flatten the curve by creating a new “Stay Home” sticker.

Users are encouraged to add the sticker to their stories, which would then show up in a shared Instagram story, launching a worldwide movement of staying home.

Instagram has certainly taken steps to push this movement to the forefront. The ‘stay home’ sticker is the first sticker users see when they pull up the sticker tab. The ‘stay home’ story is also prioritized as the first Instagram story on all accounts. 


While such a step may seem minuscule, the power of social proves to be put to good use as influencers, celebrities, and the everyday user snaps Instagram stories of them living the quarantine life. This aims to create a herd mentality where it hopefully encourages those who see the stories and stay home. 


Here in Singapore, Jemimah Wei, a lifestyle influencer who was living in New York has championed the stay home movement on her Instagram. Her Insta Stories documents her isolation in New York, her journey home and experience serving her quarantine in Singapore. 


She has made an Instagram story highlight dedicated to COVID 19 where she shares news articles, donation links and helpful information about the virus.

Jemma has also generously offered up her platform for advertisements, where the money she earns will be donated to those affected by the virus.

She uploaded her first advertisement for Post-it Sticky Notes and mentioned that all fees from the collaboration would be donated to The Courage Fund by Community Chest Singapore. 


Sources of images : Jemmawei, Instagram

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