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Clinique enlists SolmJenn with musical video

Jenn Chia calls herself a content creator and true to that, she is not your average beauty influencer.

Her persona has always been down to earth and comedic relief that is relatable to Malaysians. A prominent Youtube personality who started out with home-made musical videos, Jenn has come a long way to become a multi-talented and well-rounded content creator. Her recent collaboration with Clinique is a good proof of that.

In April 2019, Jenn uploaded an advertisement video for Clinique moisturiser which has accumulated more than 111k views to date with mostly positive comments. The reason for the popularity was partly due to the click-bait title and the interesting take on the advertisement where Jenn plays double comedy roles. On one end, she is a lady who goes to extreme measures to keep her skin hydrated e.g using cucumbers from Nasi Lemak (local cuisine) to mask and drinking gallons of water.

On the other, Jenn is a normal person who chooses the hassle-free and better way, by using Clinique product! Moisturiser being a common skincare product is difficult to portray in a distinguished manner hence it was spun as a funny story with a short push of the product at the end of the video.

Judging from the comments on how people exclaiming it to be the best commercial, we’d say the video was quite successful.

Months later in June, Clinique had enlisted Jenn for another partnership where instead of releasing elegant pictures of herself, she produced a music video about Clinique’s iconic blusher where her crew danced and sang to the catchy tune of Clinique’s Cheek Pop product. The video hit 400k views on Facebook within 3 days and the soundtrack is available on most music streaming platforms.

Apart from the usual social media campaigns, Jenn’s additional content proved to be very successful in engaging her audience and earning additional virality. Her persona of being true to herself and her usage of native slang were integral in followers’ engagement.

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