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Singtel Drops GOMO Feat. Local Rapper Tosh Zhang

Singtel has uploaded a rap video on its Facebook page in response to the teething problems that followed GOMO, its digital mobile products. The video features Tosh Zhang; a local rapper and actor at ‘Ah Boys to Men.’

 SIM card delivery delays and network problems have been mentioned in the rap in addition to actions implemented by Singtel to solve the issues. After its launch in March, GOMO faced teething problems within a week. From the look of things on social media platforms, Netizens were frustrated.

Most customers complained that they could not contact live agents and customer service team as initially promised.  The company’s spokesperson, however, earlier clarified that the technical team was doing its best to correct the teething problems.

The rap lyrics reassure customers that GOMO will do better despite the 30 days hiccups. Tosh also mentions that GOMO is not perfect but grateful to all its customers. 

 The video content gives credit to Zenmo, Globo, Nomnomo and Showmo, GOMO characters, as a way of appeasing users.  Solutions to the teething problems mentioned in the rap include quick SIM card deliveries, enabled iMessage and tripled chat support.

Singtel’s competitor, Circles.Life, which launched a microsite to counter GOMOis addressed indirectly in the rap video. The lyrics read;

“…go get a life….”

The rap was analysed by a social media agency,GOODSTUPH, besides being uploaded on Singtel’s official Facebook page.  Within 24 hours of writing, the video had registered more than 30,000 views.

The vice president, GanSiokHoon, at Singtel released a statement saying that the social media campaign was highlighting the problems experienced by customers. She also mentioned that the GOMO team had solved the issues by increasing live chat agents, improving Facetime, and iMessage to connect better with the customers.

In response to the question of why the company chose rapper Tosh, Gan argued that most GOMO users are Millennials and would, therefore, appreciate a fun person like Tosh.

On his Instagram post, Tosh says that working with Singtel was a meaningful experience. He also mentions that he has never worked with an honest company like Singtel that publicly accepts their faults without trying to hide anything.

Tosh also added that Singtel tried their best to solve the teething problems and their services have improved. He is happy that he had a chance to work with the team. The Instagram post was not paid.

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