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Top Singapore Instagram Influencers to follow

Boasting over 2.2 million monthly active users, Instagram is one of the top 3 social media platforms used in Singapore with the overall highest engagement rate. 

Most popular with millennials, individual content creators have taken to Instagram to share their lives, gathering a following of like-minded people who seek authentic recommendations from them.

With 92% of people saying they trust an influencer’s review over traditional ads, it is crucial that brands harness the power Instagram influencers have on their followers’ purchasing decisions to their advantage.

Here are the top 10 Singapore Instagram influencers to follow.


1. @dreachong 


Started out as a blogger, Andrea has grown to be one of the biggest fashion and beauty influencers in Singapore. 

Known as an influencer who is very particular to what she endorses, she has worked with brands such as local boutique The Tinsel Rack, to international brands such as Chanel, Kate Spade, and Airbnb.


2. @bellywellyjelly


Christabel was a lifestyle blogger who grew to fame when she joined TheSmartLocal as a host on their Youtube channel. She is most active on her Instagram endorsing mostly beauty and fashion brands. 

Very girl next door, she is influencer followers easily relate to. 


3. @benjaminkheng


Besides his amazing hair and charming smile, Benjamin Kheng is a man of many talents. Most popularly known as being part of The Sam Willows, his Instagram is a collection of everything he does best – singing, swimming, hosting, acting and modeling. 


4. @iamjiaen 


Full-time spin instructor, barre instructor, boss of her own swimwear brand Sorakini and Miss Singapore Universe runner up, Tiong Jiaen made a name for herself as a fitness influencer. 

While her niche is fitness, she also works with other beauty and lifestyle brands like Benefit Cosmetics and Grab Singapore. 


5. @melissackoh 


With over 5000 posts, Melissa Koh’s Instagram is a collection of carefully curated pictures of her, her travels and her family. Fashion blogger turned entrepreneur, she also has her own clothing label, runafter, selling her signature boho, feminine style.


6. @naomineo


Naomi Neo may just be 22 years old but she was one of the first influencers to gain popularity in Singapore. Unlike many influencers, she is not afraid to be herself on Instagram, posting less curated, less ‘glamorous’ content making her more relatable to her viewers.

Her large Instagram following makes her a highly sought after influencer by brands ranging from beauty to lifestyle to baby products after she had her son. 


7. @mongabong


Mongchin is a fashion, beauty lifestyle influencer who is known to be down to earth and hardworking. She shares all sorts of beauty and fashion inspiration that is easy to recreate, creating an aesthetic that is pretty to look at yet approachable. 



8. @thejianhaotan 


Jian Hao rose to fame as a content creator for his very relatable comedic skits on Youtube. 

His Instagram features behind the scenes of his Youtube videos, collaborations with brands such as Amazon.sg and Epicsoft Asia and in recent months his baby girl. 


9. @xiaxue 


A pioneer in the influencing world, Xiaxue has been discussing makeup, fashion, and countless controversial topics for over ten years.

While she still works with many beauty brands, she gets sponsorships from food to house renovations to travel because of her huge reach and range of audience.


10. @yoyokulala 


She is Singapore’s biggest style star and designer. Yoyo’s Instagram features herself styled in prestigious brands such as Chanel and Gucci, in fashion capitals all over the world.

She has amassed a large following for updates on the latest fashion trends and style inspiration.



Instagram marketing is not purely a numbers game, the Instagram influencer you choose to work with should be aligned with your brand’s identity and whose followers are your target audience. 

So if you are a brand looking to work with a Singaporean Instagram influencer, do take the time to do your research to find the right match. 


Sources of images: Instagram of the different influencers mentioned above

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