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Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) partnered up with influencers on Instagram

In an effort to raise awareness on healthy eating, Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) partnered up with influencers on Instagram for a campaign titled My Healthy Plate

Over the course of one month, 23 selected influencers each posted enticing pictures of their meals and how they personally incorporated healthier choices into them, showing the public that it is easy to do the same. 

As the main goal of the campaign was to reach Singaporeans of all ages and lifestyles, HPB worked with a variety of influencers, including local actors, actresses, talents from popular youtube channel Night Owl Cinematics, Wah! Banana, mummy bloggers, and lifestyle influencers. Their follower count ranged from 10K to 165K. 

Each influencer was given the creative freedom to post what they wanted which does keep a personal touch and sense of authenticity to an advertisement. While some influencers opted for showing how easy it is to make healthier choices while eating out, some chose to feature their own home-cooked meals. 

Lifestyle influencer @wafflenessa kept true to her bright and airy color theme, with her first picture being one of her in front of a hawker center. She then mentioned in the caption how she made a healthier choice to have an apple before having her go-to meal.


Nightowlcinematics talent @sherrishalee chose to post a photo of her and her favorite home-cooked pesto pasta which is cooked with olive oil. 

Some influencers included their own story on their relationship with food, which made the post even more personal. 


Mother of three young children, @fizzlep0p shared her story on gestational diabetes during her second pregnancy that pushed her to look more closely into her diet.


Founder of a halal bakery, @ardilarsad mentioned his journey with his weight and food that led him to start seeing healthy eating as a “lifelong habit rather than ‘where convenient’ ”.


As each influencer used their own way of connecting to their audience, a message about healthy eating which is usually seen as repetitive and boring is made more relatable to the public. 

As HPB was collaborating with many influencers over a period of one month, it was important that there was brand consistency

Every Instagram post was deliberately made in the form of a gallery style. While the first couple of photos were personalized to each influencer, all of them ended the gallery with the same photo –  one showing the ideal proportions of each meal as advocated by HPB. 


The simple visual made to be the last picture each viewer sees, aided in forming a more lasting impression of HPB’s Healthy Plate campaign.

Government communication and outreach towards the younger generation can be challenging and many local governmental agencies have taken advantage of influencer marketing to reach out to this generation. 

However, it must be noted that influencer marketing for government agencies and private businesses are very different. For one, sarcastic humor may not be suitable for a government agency but could work in a product advertisement. Governmental agencies do have an image to uphold so choosing suitable influencers and forming an appropriate strategy is key.

Sources of images:  Instagram of @wafflenessa, @sherrishalee, @fizzlep0p, @ardilarsad. and Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB)

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