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Shopee and Paktor Partner up for Valentine’s Day

In light of Valentines Day, online marketplace Shopee launched a marketing campaign that included a sale on their website, a contest which roped in Instagram influencers and a partnership with dating app Paktor. 

Named “Coffee, Tea, or Shopee”, Shopee worked with Instagram influencers Yuqing and Calvert Tay

Yuqing is a lifestyle influencer with 235,000 followers on Instagram. She has previously worked with Shopee on a Chinese New Year campaign earlier in the year.

Yuqing posted a video of how she uses various household products that were available in the Shopee sale in preparation to ring in the new year.

Calvert Tay is the son of local TV actor and actress, Hong Huifang and Zheng Geping. With 27,600 influencers, he is considered a micro-influencer

Both influencers uploaded a post of them wearing the distinct orange Shopee T-shirt, promoted the details of the Shopee 2.2 Valentine’s Day Sale and also a contest that offered their followers a chance to win a date with each of them. 

To qualify, followers had to make a purchase on Shopee of $5 and leave their Shopee ID in the comments of their Instagram post. The contest lasted for four days at the start of February.

Holding such a contest converts users from potential customers into buyers. Furthermore, offering fans of influencers a chance to go on a date with them is in theme with Valentine’s day and acts as an added encouragement to participate in the contest and share it with friends. 

This increases user engagement with the brand and influencer. 

When working with an influencer, it is always important to consider what the influencer can stand to gain from working with your brand and in this case, the influencers gain followers and exposure.

The other component of this campaign is Shopee’s partnership with the dating app Paktor. 

Paktor’s Facebook page announced that targeted users on their app would be offered gift cards to be used on Shopee. 

While Shopee may not necessarily be a brand associated with Valentine’s day, partnering with Paktor to encourage increased use of their app to find a date, allows both brands to successfully ride the wave of this holiday. 

This is not the first time Shopee is using influencer marketing. This online marketplace has previously partnered with other influencers such as Naomi Neo and Khaw Xinlin.

By partnering with different brands and influencers allows Shopee to reach new audiences and thus new users to use their platform. The discount code that they always include in their captions is also a great way to gain conversions. 

The contest not only increases Shopee’s, Paktor’s and the influencers’ following, more importantly, but it also increases user engagement with content which usually translates into more conversions. 

Shopee followed up with updates on the dates with the contest winners (TBC)


Sources of images: Facebook of Shopee, Paktor, and Instagram of Yuqing and Calvert Tay

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