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SCDF x SGAG: Humour for a better cause

The humorous exchange between Singapore Civil Defense Force(SCDF) and SGAG went a long way back. It started when SCDFs twitter account followed SGAG in February 2014 to the amusement of Singaporeans everywhere.

The tweet thread started with a tweet from SGAG as pictured below and playful banter between the two entities ensued. Singaporeans contributed with hilarious replies and Straits Times covered the conversation as well.

Perhaps influenced by the previous encounter which was well-received by Singapore netizens, SCDF had fittingly collaborated with SGAG on a music video released in late November 2019.

The music video which was reshared by SCDF’s Facebook page consisted of a catchy rap tune with deadpan facial expressions of faux emergency responders when they arrived at the scene to non-emergency situations.

The goal of the #995ForEmergenciesOnly video was to dissuade the general public from calling the hotline 995 for an ambulance for non-emergency situations and to visit the nearest clinic or call 1-777 for non-critical ambulance service instead.

As of publication, the video had a combined view of more than 421k views across both social media pages. 

Encouraged by the well-received video and good responses on the catchy tune online, a second collaboration video was posted by SGAG in January 2020 and racked up more than 109k views as of publication date, check it out here.

Instead of another music video, the second collaboration featured situations where members of the public had over-reacted and called 995 for non-emergency requests. The video further clarified instances of emergencies that required ambulance assistance and what cases did not.

In December 2019, SCDF had collaborated with Bonda Bedah & Mak Temah for a #995ForEmergenciesOnly video of the same theme in the Malay language as well.

This was not the first instance where SCDF had collaborated with influencers to convey a message to the masses.

In October 2018, the government organisation had collaborated with Michelle Chong (@immichellechong)’s ‘Ah Lian’ persona  for two separate videos on #995ForEmergenciesOnly, available here and here.

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