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Resso: ByteDance’s New Rival Music Streaming App ?

ByteDance plans to enter the music streaming market with its own rival service, Resso, that is set to challenge Spotify and Apple, the current biggest players for music subscription services. ByteDance, a Chinese company, is also best known being the owner of TikTok, a popular video-sharing social networking service that became the most downloaded iOS app in the first half of 2018. 

ByteDance has entered discussions with renowned record companies like Sony Music and Warner Music for global licensing deals that allow them to put their songs on this service. 

The new application, Resso, aims to differentiate itself from the customary music streaming model by likening it to a social network, much like what was successful about TikTok.

For instance, users will be able to comment on songs, and create shareable GIFs and videos from music clips.

This content created by users is termed as ‘Vibes’, and popular ‘Vibes’ can even feature as album art, incentivising users to share more of their work. The app is also mobile-centric, designed for mobile phones with vertically-oriented videos. 

Another unique feature is the display of real-time lyrics that are not seen on other music streaming apps. 

The app is currently free to download and use, but also offers a monthly paid subscription to enjoy the ad-free experience alongside offline download and playback.  

Beta testing has already begun in India and Indonesia, with 27,000 downloads according to the last count by Sensor Towers. The app is set to roll out in other emerging markets like Brazil, before scaling to the US.

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