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Plastic Cosmetics, But Real Taste

Singaporean influencer, Wendy Cheng, or more commonly known under the moniker Xiaxue, has announced the launch of her makeup line.

In a witty and pointed move, she has dubbed her line Plastic Cosmetics.This is in a bid to reclaim the term “plastics,” which is often used by her critics to label her as an inauthentic influencer.

Xiaxue first gained popularity in the early 2000s in the beauty and lifestyle blogosphere, where her bold and provocative style of commentary gained her a loyal standing.

When Instagram subsequently became the more prominent platform, she also made a presence for herself there, with her follower count in the hundreds of thousands.

What many appreciate about her is her unapologetic expression of the things she loves, even if many might look down on them as frivolous.

The “Plastic Cosmetics line was teased and launched via her Instagram stories, where Xiaxue had tested out a soft launch to coincide with the festive Chinese New Year season. Currently, the only product offered on the line is false eyelashes that are applied glue-free. She did the demo on her own IG account and showed to her followers how to put them. 

The lashes come in four styles and are sold with an eyeliner pen as well. Unlike conventional faux lashes, these are magnetic and can be applied instantly, as demonstrated by the influencer on Instagram.

The reusable lashes are now retailing for SGD50 per set, though three of the styles were immediately sold out a day after the launch.

The line has been a massive hit, with other influencers supporting and promoting Xiaxue’s efforts.

Xiaxue has since thanked countless fans for their support on Instagram, with some avid supporters even writing encouragements on their purchase forms.

Sources of images: Xiaxue’s instagram

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