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Okamoto #ThinnerThanThis campaign collaborate with SG influencers

Late last year, Okamoto launched a social media campaign on Instagram with three influencers promoting their new 0.01 condoms. As it is prohibited to mention the word ‘condom’ on broadcast media in Singapore, social media marketing is a key marketing channel for brands such as Okamoto to reach a wide audience. 

The 3 influencers that collaborated with the brand in this campaign are Naomi Neo, Trevor Tham, and Kate Yong. 

Naomi Neo is a pioneer in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle influencing world, with over 600K followers on her Instagram. She is known for being open to talking about topics few tend to talk about online such as sex, virginity, and tattoos.

Trevor and Kate are considered micro-influencers with less than 100K followers. Trevor is known for his role as director at Titan Media, a digital company set up by famous Youtuber, Tan Jian Hao while Kate is a fashion and lifestyle Instagrammer.

Each influencer posted a photo of something in their everyday life that is very thin yet useful with the hashtag #ThinnerThanThis, a subtle nod to the key selling point of Okamoto’s 0.01 condoms.

Naomi’s and Trevor’s post included a giveaway at the end of the caption in an effort to engage their audience. Followers were asked to leave a comment of the thinnest thing they could think of, the influencer then chose their favorite comment to win an Okamoto hamper.

While Kate’s post did not include a giveaway, it gave a shout out to Shopee’s 11.11 sale where followers can buy Okamoto products from – directly converting followers into buyers. 


The campaign uses a mix of both a top local influencer and two micro-influencers – which is something important to consider when choosing influencers who will meet your marketing goals.


The influencers were also given creative freedom of what to post and caption allowing them to connect to their audience in their own way.

While as a marketer, there is a tendency to take full control of branding, it is important to remember that social creators know what works well for their audience to make a brand endorsement more digestible. 

Okamoto’s #ThinnerThanThis campaign managed to market its new product without any mention of it. By drawing all the attention on Okamoto’s 0.01 condoms’ USP (unique selling point) – how thin it is, and making comparisons to other thin yet useful everyday products, it takes away the taboo of talking about a sexual product online. This makes marketing such an intimate product more memorable yet unintrusive.


Sources of images:  Instagram of Naomi Neo, Trevor ThamKate Yong. and Okamoto Website

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