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Motherhood with Melissa Koh and Swisse

Melissa Celestine Koh, one of Singapore’s top fashion and travel influencers, has entered a collaboration with multivitamin brand Swisse.

Branching out beyond her usual spheres, Melissa posted about products from the healthcare -and Mothercare- industry.

As a new mom, Melissa documented her experience on her blog and Instagram. In detailing some of her struggles with motherhood, like her problems with breastfeeding, for instance, Melissa proposed using Swisse health supplements to resolve her issues.

All of this aimed to promote the Swisse Ultinatal range of supplements, which aim to provide nutritional support at different stages of pregnancy.

To encourage her followers to try out the new range, Melissa offered a giveaway on her Instagram, where most of the promotional content surrounding the Swisse supplements was featured under the hashtag #melissackohxswisse.

The giveaway promised a set of Swisse Ultinatal supplements worth $2000 to a lucky commenter and targeted parents or parents-to-be.

Many of her posts in the collab centered around adorable baby Noah, who was popular with her audience.

For instance, in one post that had over 8,000 likes, it showed Melissa cradling her newborn while holding a glass of milk in the other, beaming. Melissa then revealed to her audience in the caption about the effectiveness of Swisse health supplements in increasing her breastmilk supply.

Melissa’s sincere and authentic communication about a common problem for new mothers showed the relevance of Swisse products to her expanded audience.

Melissa also emphasized the additional developmental benefits to babies from Swisse Ultinatal, attributing Noah’s growth to a result of incorporating the supplements in his diet.

However, keeping in mind that much of her original audience may not be expecting parents or parents, Melissa also included more generic beauty and health content for broader appeal.

In January, one of her more recent posts was a fresh-faced photograph of herself. It was accompanied by her musings on how Swisse supplements have improved her hair, nails, and skin health.

This, too, was also well-received by her audience, having gathered close to 2.5k likes in a span of days.

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