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Mongabong takes on fashion design: MongxLovet

Mongchin Yeoh(@mongabong) had a long history with Lovet(@shoplovet), a ladies’ fashion brand founded by Germaine (@germainef) — the brand was one of the first few blogshop stores which Mongchin modeled for.

The renowned influencer and brand teamed up to launch a 16-piece capsule collection fully conceptualized and styled by Mongchin with the assistance of Lovet’s team. 

The collection named “Mong x Lovet” was was a project seven months in the making. In a video posted by Mongchin,  she discussed the conceptualization journey with Lovet’s founder Germaine as well as the photoshoot experience at Bali, Indonesia.

The MongxLovet collection comprised of feminine, floral pieces which Mongchin described to be timeless and suitable for everyday wear. For a detailed view of the entire collection, check out the dedicated MongxLovet page and the lookbooks.

The collection’s launch was teased through both brand and influencer’s Instagram platform from Nov 20th onwards and made available at a launch party on Nov 30th.

For the launch party, the brand conducted a give-away of 20 VIP passes for their followers; highlights of the party can be viewed here. Subsequently, Mongchin launched a makeover giveaway on Dec 3rd as part of her #vlogmaswithbong campaign.

Winner of the campaign would receive beauty products, an outfit from MongxLovet as well as makeover by the influencer herself.  

There had been frequent Instagram posts by Lovet, Germaine, and Mongchin on their respective accounts of the teaser and sneaks to hype up the collection which seemed to yield great results — according to Mongchin, most of the pieces in the first launch were sold out within 10 minutes on Dec 1st.

As of mid-December, 90% of the pieces in both waves of collection launch were sold out and available only via backorder.

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