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#NOCOUTSG is a wild knockout

Local YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics has launched its first reality TV series, kNOCk Out, where 10 Singaporean contestants undergo a series of challenges designed to test their acting, hosting, and branding skills.

The contestants range from complete amateurs to those who have been formally trained in acting.

This series aims to find the next best content creator to join the NOC team, with the judges featured all being from the influencer scene.

The lineup of NOC judges includes Aiken Chia, producer, and host of the “Food King” series on NOC, fellow NOC actress Nina Tan and Sylvia Chan, co-founder of NOC itself.

Each episode also featured guest judges who were prominent local influencers or celebrities as well. As of yet, the show has invited Jianhao Tan, another well-known name in Singaporean sketch comedy, singing superstar Nathan Hartono, and founding member of pop quartet The Sam Willows, RRILEY, to give their invaluable advice to the contestants.  


The contest has seen the participants showcase their secret talents, for instance, singing, stand-up comedy, or even breakdancing.

To really up the ante, NOC has also put them through more industry-specific scenarios like putting on a comedy sketch to test the memorisation of lines and an “I am water” wet modelling challenge, eliminating from the second episode onwards.


The show is very much Singaporean flavoured, being shot in quirky locations around Singapore to promote event spaces.

To date, the show has travelled to the Singapore Institute of Technology, Boogle HQ Singapore, and Galleria.B.

The reality show also has many tie-ups with companies, awarding the winning contestants with attractive prizes. EagleWing Cinematics has sponsored a yacht charter, and Tipsy Collective, an F&B/bar chain, a 1000 dollar voucher to four luxurious restaurants.

The episodes have thus far been hugely successful, making its mark on the trending feed for Singapore YouTube.

The NOC audience has mainly been receptive of the series, chiming in with thousands of comments under each video. With eight more releases in store, viewers are sure to be eagerly awaiting the next instalment.

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