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Kleenex and SGAG add to festive cheer

With the festive season of Chinese New Year drawing near, Scott-owned Kleenex has partnered with social media site, SGAG, to promote their tissue products in their “Celebrate With Abundance” campaign.

SGAG is a local social media and news website that allows the public to create accounts and publish comedic content. The site mainly features memes, listicles, and videos with a local flavor as Singaporean users poke fun at their own culture.

SGAG has produced two videos under the campaign, featuring scenes entitled “Every Mother-In-Law During CNY Dinner.”

Both videos feature a traditional reunion dinner narrative.

In one, Kleenex is being used to clean up an accidental spill, and in the other, Kleenex is used to soak up excess food oil.

The purpose of the videos was to convey Kleenex’s selling point: its “one-second absorbency” trait.

As is typical of SGAG’s parody videos, they have portrayed caricatures of the demanding “mother-in-law” figure that is sure to make their audience laugh.

This advertising works well on SGAG’s channel because exaggeration is a familiar element of a comedy channel. Thus, SGAG has conveyed the message in an engaging and humorous manner that is not forced. This also makes the commercial more relevant to Singaporeans, especially millennials, who make up the bulk of SGAG’s user base. 

Together with the campaign, Kleenex is also offering discounts using a featured code at the end of the videos.

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