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Jo Malone London Collaborates with XinLin Khaw

Jo Malone London partnered with XinLin Khaw (@xinlinnn) as they recently launched the Poppy and Barley cologne to the Singapore market. 

In late August, XinLin attended the launch event in Bangkok and shared photos as well as her thoughts on the new fragrance.

“This cologne has a subtly sweet scent and I love how softly it sits on my skin, revealing a warm musky base note at the end of the day,” she said on her Instagram post. “It also brings out totally different personalities when paired with their other fragrances.” 

XinLin also talked about how she did a signature fragrance profiling session with Jo Malone London executive, Chris Wyatt. There she learned about how everyone sees, feels, and smells scents differently, and also found a fragrance combination with Poppy & Barley that suits her mood.

On October 24, XinLin held a workshop at Sephora Takashimaya S.C. where she shared about the new Jo Malone London cologne and the press launch in Bangkok. She gave away event invites to 12 pairs of fans in a separate post.

With over 115K followers on Instagram, XinLin is a travel blogger and digital influencer. Her Instagram gets an average of 2,400+ likes per post, with over 2% engagement rate (source: Ninjalitics).

Interestingly, XinLin has also been in a number of campaigns with various brands in the cosmetics industry. 

One of these includes the #0Preservatives campaign of skincare line FANCL, as XinLin is regularly featured on the brand’s official page while also publishing her own content with FANCL products. 

Other beauty brands that XinLin has been recently working with include Curél, Marc Jacobs Fragrances, and Diane Bonheur. 

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