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Instagram becomes a matchmaker between influencers and brands

Instagram has garnered access to Brands Collab Manager, a Facebook marketplace tool that further facilitates the livelihoods of creators.

This platform matchmakes brands and creators according to specific requirements of follower count and demographics, as well as branding interests. The tool capitalizes on Instagram’s voluminous database of influencers, who have to register for participation in this tool.

Qualifications include a minimum follower count of 1,000 and having 15,000 engagements on posts or 180,000 minutes viewed on videos. 

On the part of creators, this tool allows for efficient monetization of their content, driving them to produce more, which invites investment from advertisers, keeping a steady stream of ad dollars into Instagram.

Creators are also able to make the first move, by sharing their content and follower details with potential branding partners to broker suitable deals on a platform that consolidates all of their insights,

The upside for brands is their ability to view influencer analytics when tagged in branded content during the campaign itself, allowing for better monitoring of the success of the campaign. (Previously, influencers had to engage in the clumsy process of sending screenshots of analytics to their sponsors.)

Some metrics that brands gain unprecedented access to include the age and gender of the audience, and the reach of the campaign; valuable insights for brand marketers.

This allows brands to better filter out influencers that would be appropriate for them. Brands can also view a side-by-side comparison of the performance of an “organic” branded post, i.e content that is not tailored for a specific audience, with the branded content ad. 

Initial testing has begun with 40 creators in the U.S, with the usage of this tool mitigating the effects of hiding like counts. It is hoped that there would be a move to understanding which engagement metrics are more relevant for influencers, said in a statement issued by Instagram. 

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