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H&M collaborates with BellyWellyJelly for its Fall 2019 collection

Fast fashion chain H&M launched the Singapore exclusive Fall collection on 10th Oct 2019 featuring local social media personality, Christabel Chua (@bellywellyjelly).

The line featured utilitarian and tropical friendly pieces inspired by bohemian romance, with earthy hues and floral prints. Collaboration with the influencer had included modeling, in-store usage of the photos as well as social media posts on Instagram.

Leading up to the launch date, teasers such as videos and images were posted by Christabel on her Instagram and cross-posted by the brand.

Prior to the launch in early October up to mid-November, Christable had posted 6 different content excerpt from the seasonal exclusive on her instagram profile, excluding Insta-stories. The online collaboration was limited to H&M’s Twitter and Instagram as well as Christabel’s Instagram accounts only.

Being a well-rounded influencer fronting different verticals such as travel, beauty and fashion, Christable was well-acquaintanced with numerous fashion brands.

Her partnership with H&M had been an ongoing arrangement, she had been dressed in H&M for various occasions such as onboard Benefit Brow Cruise and during a Japan photo-shoot for her own brand KAI.

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