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Have a good night with Singapore’s Health Promotion Board

Who would have thought that the government was concerned about how much sleep and rest we have been getting?

In January 2020, Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (@hpbsg) harnessed the power of influencers to reach out to late-night phone scrollers and encourage sufficient rest.


Using the tag #YawnYourWay, influencers with large youth following have been posting videos of themself yawning on Instagram and directing traffic to HPB’s page which listed tips for a better rest.




For better immersion, HPB shared a Spotify playlist for better sleep as well!


The campaign included social media ads that ran at late hours to remind users of the need to rest as well as a giveaway for users who posted their own yawning videos. 


For better outreach to the targeted audience, HPB launched a set of telegram stickers and the influencer posts encouraged their followers to download the set of stickers through their customized links.



Youtuber Randy Toh (@randyys) had his own download link at go.gov.sg/randy while blogger Rachell Tan (@pxdkitty)’s link was customized to be go.gov.sg/rachelltan; The personalized links could potentially allow tracking of each influencer’s followers download rate and better assess their individual reach.


Sources of images:  Instagram of Randy Toh (@randyys) Rachell Tan (@pxdkitty) and Health Promotion Board (@hpbsg)

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