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Grab Feastival

The last month of the year is usually filled with gatherings and festivities; food is often an integral component of the celebrations.

On December 2nd, Grab, the Singapore-based ubiquitous brand launched #GrabFoodFeastival for its food delivery vertical.

The campaign would run for a month; featuring special deals with various F&B merchants on its platform, flash deals, as well as a 4-part #TheGrabFoodieShow, launched weekly on their Facebook page

The #GrabFoodFeastival was a full-on omnichannel campaign with out-of-home advertising at train and bus stations, frequent push notification through the Grab app and weekly emails to their subscriber base.

The partnership with influencers for this campaign included paid article at sethlui.com and engaging influencers to partake in games, challenges and give-aways on #TheGrabFoodieShow.

Influencers who participated in the show hosted by  Royce Lee (@theroycelee) are Jia En (@iamjiaen), Elaine Heng (@elaineruimin), Benjamin Toh (@typicalben), Munah Bagharib (@munahbagharib), Victoria Cheng (@victoriacheng), and competitive eaters from Food League Singapore (@foodleaguesg)


The participating influencers had posted Instastories leading up to their GrabFoodie episode. Some of them, such as Benjamin Toh (@typicalben) and Royce Lee (@theroycelee) had uploaded a permanent post on their Instagram accounts with the GrabFoodie photo frame in support of the series.

Frequently promoted on social media by Grab’s Instagram handle and reminded of the Feastival by the omnichannel marketing presence, episodes had garnered great viewership.

In comparison to the common promo-code give-away and partnership social media posts; the GrabFoodie show was a breath of fresh air and engaging as guests tried their hands-on cooking, played charade, held competitions. The best performing video had more than 102K views!

To reward viewers who tuned it until the end of each live-streamed episode, the host would show certain promotional codes and conduct giveaways. The episodes were re-uploaded on Grab’s Facebook page at a later time.

The series of episodes ended with a Christmas Special and viewership of 79K, more than 15% of Grab’s current followers count.

Check out the Christmas episode here!




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