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Globe Telecom and Mineski Create an All-Women Professional Esports Team

Philippines based Telecommunication Company Globe Telecom has partnered with Mineski to form an all-women esports team for Arena of Valor and League of Legends.

The announcement follows an earlier disclosed partnership that created an escort team under Team Liyab banner. The all-female esports team will appear in the Female Esports League Elite this week. 

Mineski, an esports organization in Southeast Asia, has broadened its partnership with Globe Telecom, a service provider.  The partnership has announced the formation of women Arena of Valor and League of Legends esports teams. 

The previous original partnership announced in February created the Hearthstone, League of Legends and Arena of Valor teams under the name Team Liyab. 

The new all-women teams will be named LiyabHaliya but will be under Team Liyab banner. Haliya is named after the moon goddess believed to fight monsters like Bakunawa. The team is a combination of rookie and veteran players.

The esports women team will be competing with teams from famous esports titles including the 2019 Southeast Asian Games medal game, the Arena of Valor. 

Earlier,Ernest Cu, Globe CEO and President said that the formation of a professional esports team is one of the company’s visions via Esports Program and Globe Games to improve the growth of esports in the Philippines. 

Nikko Acosta, senior vice president at Globe Telecom, released a report stating that Globe will commit to commit to creating an inclusive esports industry in the Philippines with Haliya. The vice president added that with the first female esports team and 5G technologies, Globe Telcom aims for an online gaming experience that will reach higher heights. The initiative will also give the local industry a chance in the global arena. 

On September 5-8, 2019, LiyabHaliya will appear at the Elite League of Legends Tournament in Singapore at the Suntec Convention Center. 

The Philippines telecommunications company sponsors the Globe Conquerors Manila. It is a League of Legend worth 250,000 dollars.  Globe Telecom has partnered with Mineski, Garena, and Riot Games to initiate the Philippine Pro Gaming League.

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