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Fun Content Creation for the new “travel mode” of DBS

Singaporeans love to travel! A survey by Picodi revealed Singaporeans to be the 7th biggest holiday spenders in the world. As technology advances, various multi-currency cards have rushed to snatch a piece of the foreign exchange wallet pie.

Emerging fintech start-ups such as YouTrip, Revolut, and TransferWise attracted tech-savvy millennials with their ease of use and low forex fees.

Being a major bank in Singapore, DBS launched a “Travel Mode” beta function on their digibank app in late December 2019 to be a part of the multi-currency e-wallet scene. 

The brand enlisted Aiken from NOC (@aikenchia) and Melissa Celestine Koh (@melissackoh) to produce a 2-part travelogue video. Summarized in a shorter video used for digital and offline advertising at DBS branches, the influencers were challenged to spend only S$100 for their activities on a 3D2N trip to Bangkok, Thailand.

The videos followed the influencers who had to switch their planned itineraries with each other as they navigated Bangkok using DBS Travel Mode’s features.

Highlighted through practical usage in the videos were features such as overseas ATM withdrawal without FX fees, seamless top-up to the multi-currency account balance as well as paying like a local with the linked DBS Visa card. 


The original content which included the itinerary swop plot twist amused followers of both influencers. The comments were generally positive, commending the challenge videos to have introduced DBS’s new feature in an entertaining way.

The travelogue videos were shared by Aiken and Melissa Koh on their Instagram profiles with the tag #DBSTravelMode — when followed, the tag reveals posts of other micro-influencers engaged by DBS such as travel influencer Shu (@shuutravels) and fashion influencers Audrey Lim (@audreyxaudrey), Rachell Ng (@aglimpseofrach).


Sources of images:  Instagram of DBS, Aiken from NOC (@aikenchia) and Melissa Celestine Koh (@melissackoh)

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