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#EveryoneWins with Carousell

Late September this year, Carousell, an app and web-based marketplace which was founded to declutter and sell pre-loved items launched “Everyone Wins” campaign. The campaign encourages the public to declutter the items they own and ‘rebox’ said items to give them a second lease of life.

This movement rides on the Marie Kondo decluttering trend and served as an inversion of the social media trend of posting unboxing videos for new purchases.

Check out the advertising videos here and here. The campaign was first launched in Singapore and progressively launched to Carousell’s other operating markets over the months leading up to the festive season.

In addition to Out of Home ad placements and digital ads, Carousell tapped on social media influencers for this campaign to push platform adoption and usage by millennials. In an official blog post posted Oct 22nd, Carousell kicked off the campaign on their marketplace by announcing give-aways of boxes.

Leading by example, the trio co-founders of Carousell; Lucas Ngoo, Marcus Tan and Quek Siu Rui each contributed a box of their pre-loved items to be listed on the #reboxing page.

Carousell users were invited to leave comments on their preferred boxes about why ‘Rebox’ mattered to them. Each Carousell partner will then pick the winner for their pre-loved box of items; followers of the influencers were receptive and engaged in the campaigns itself. 

Other influencers who participated in the reboxing include singer Narelle  Kheng (@narellekheng), actress Naomi Yeo (@naomiyhs), Sgag’s Xiao Ming (@sgagxiaoming), the new champion of Star Search 2019 by Mediacorp Zhang Ze Tong (@zetongteoh) and fitness influencer Tyen Rasif (@tyenstagram)

Other activities for the campaign focus primarily on user engagement on the platform such as the encouragement to declutter and give out pre-loved by listing them as $0 as well as a Carousell contest.

The full mechanics can be found here; in short, Carousell would pick 100 items with the hashtag #EveryoneWins and pay the sellers via Caroupay, their in-app e-wallet.

A fresh variation of influencer marketing, the posts by the influencers and audience engagement were conducted on the brand’s own marketplace platform.

In addition to the abovementioned activities, on Nov 29th SGAG (@sgagsg) posted a video on their facebook page in paid partnership with Carousell to increase the awareness of the campaign. A similar and smaller-scale version of this campaign was conducted in 2018 as seen on a video posted by Night Owl Cinematics (@nightowlcinematics) with the hashtag #prelovedwithlove.

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