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Coca-Cola Singapore partnered up with three Instagram influencers to win EPL tickets

In January 2019, Coca-Cola was appointed the official soft drink partner for the English Premier League (EPL) and would be for the next three years. In light of this relationship, Coca-Cola Singapore partnered up with three Instagram influencers who are also huge soccer fans to give their followers a chance to win tickets to watch the English Premier League live in England. 

Influencers involved were Anders Aplin, a professional Singaporean soccer player and Mujahid, who is an actor and avid soccer fan. They were asked to post an Instagram picture of themselves with the special EPL Coca-Cola can. However, they did not reveal what and how to win the contest.




The campaign works as the red and white Coca-Cola can is an icon, with strong brand recall. Followers who see the posts would instantly recognize that this is a Coca-Cola advertisement. 

The captions hinted to followers that there are tickets to be won, yet not giving up all the details to keep them wanting to find out more. This gives the campaign time to reach their target audience and generate buzz around the brand

One week after their initial teaser post, influencers revealed how to win the tickets which are to buy the new Coca-Cola can and check the tab for a unique code. Coca-Cola fans can then enter into the website to find out if they are the lucky winner

This strategy pushes potential customers through the sales pipeline quickly, converting them into buyers. It also retains suspense and builds up excitement as followers continue to keep up with the influencers, increasing their social media reach. 

The second post that each influencer posted showed themselves watching the soccer game with friends and loved ones.

Coca-Cola is known for representing themselves in connection to ideas of joy. Such pictures are meant to depict that Coca-Cola is the go-to drink when watching the game, selling a lifestyle – one that is social and fun. 

In this campaign, Coca-Cola manages to capture the essence of the soccer season while still staying aligned with their brand. Since the target audience of this campaign are soccer fans, offering them a chance to watch a live game is a step forward in building customer loyalty, showing that the brand cares and wants to give back to them. 

Remember that each country does have regulations guarding Instagram contests, which is something you as a marketer, should familiar yourself with. 


The English Premier League may be postponed due to the current virus outbreak. 

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