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Andrea Baking with SMEG

As one of the staple snacks for Chinese New Year, Pineapple tarts were beloved by many and some would even claim that they were the highlight of the festivities.

Even so, making the delectable snack from scratch requires determination and the right equipment; both of which Andrea Chong (@dreachong) possessed.

In partnership with Smeg Singapore (@smegsg), the dedicated influencer went through 5 dough recipes, 3 pineapple jam brands and 4 types of butter in various tart shapes in search of her one true Pineapple Tart recipe.

Her baking journey and the detailed recipe can be found in this article published at The DC Edit’s written by Andrea herself.

The article which was posted on January 17th – a week before Chinese New Year – was accompanied by a 2-minute long video tutorial on The DC Edit’s Youtube channel.

SMEG equipment such as a free-standing cookers and blenders were featured repeatedly in the video.

Andrea’s Instagram post on the recipe included a give-away campaign of one SMEG hand-blender each for two of her followers by following the sponsor brand SMEG, THE DC EDIT (@thedcedit) and tagging a friend.

In addition to the articles and Instagram posts, The DC edit invited a number of followers from the #DCCommunity to participate in a pineapple tart baking session earlier in January where SMEG products were used.

Photographs of the community activity were posted by The DC Edit through Insta-stories on January 20th.

With the amount of effort and work put into each partnership, Andrea Chong’s past partnerships and collaborative items were often sold-out in record time; one of which was a capsule collection covered in our article of Drea x TCL. 



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